Nano Well-Being Grill

NANOTECH, Inc. was established in 1980 as commercial kitchen appliance specialist and developed into a more specialized roasting and grilling product company using eco-friendly methods and technology.

NANOTECH, Inc. was formed with a great ambition, “Cleaner Earth, Every Day.”

With 7 years of countless efforts and devotions, we invented the Nano WellBeing Grill, the only UL approved grill that does not create carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

nanowellbeing-imgNano WellBeing Grills are much more economical than using charcoal grill products. One of the features of our grills is smoke absorption. The grill absorbs the smoke through the smoke inlet mounted on the roaster in which the roaster itself extinguishes the smoke inside the roaster. This way, duct installation isn’t necessary and makes our products cost-effective for restaurant business owners.

We will continue to do our best contributing to our customers and society and to continue research and development of energy-saving and environment-friendly products to become a company that our consumers can trust.

Thank you,

Eco Global Product

“Nano Well Being Grill – We think green.”

  • Eco-friendly and odorless. No smoke from charcoal.
  • Indoor duct construction isn’t necessary: reduce maintenance costs.
  • Using nano-carbon lamp that generates far infrared rays in a large quantity.
  • Clean and comfortable room air without smoke.
  • Much more economical than using charcoal.