Nano Tech Grill


Creates infra-red, providing intense heat.

Uses electricity as its power source.
Absorbs smoke and other particles while cooking without separate ventilation systems!

Smokeless Eco-friendly Products
To business owners, the health of the staff, employees and customers is a very important factor.

We provide products that prevent tar and fumes and create an eco-friendly environment for everyone.

Our grills don’t use charcoal in order to maintain clean and smokeless air. Our grills absorb the smoke through the smoke inlet, mounted on the roaster, and the roaster itself extinguishes the smoke.

Save Energy and Costs
Our grills make it cost-effective!
There is no need for internal duct installation because Nano Well-Being grills remove the smoke through the intake.

Clean Energy, Clean Environment
Electric far infrared energy to prevent dust particles or oil spreading and make the interior clean so that customers can enjoy meals in a comfortable atmosphere. The coated grill prevents oil pooling on the edge for a more safe cooking experience.

product-f2-2-smJuicy and Savory Flavors
Infra-red provides intense heat like charcoal and has a natural feature to sterilize and deodorize while cooking. Compared to gas and charcoal grills, infrared grills heats in just minutes. Preheating is important as it kills the bacteria and allows for the fast grilling.

The infrared grill preserves the taste and juiciness of the meat without drying it out. The grill cooks from the inside which locks in the moisture.

Thermal Sensor Temperature Display
Automatic Sensor! Automatic 60-minute Timer Application! The temperature display allows comfort and is easily detachable for wash.

No need to manually control between high, medium, and low heat. The sensor automatically switches back and forth between medium and high heat.

High Quality Grill
Our grills are coated with 5 special Teflon® coatings from a multinational company, DuPont. We manufacture products with the use of top quality materials, differentiated design and function, high quality, and high performance. Real taste with super-strong diamond hot grill for businesses! With strong coating for durability, heat conductivity and high-density non-stick surface.

Nano Grill F-2 Smokeless Instruction Manual
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Nano Well-Being Grill Specifications